2019 Traineeship

Building with earth, straw, wood and manure

This year we offer a series of week-long trainings to understand and build ecological houses with local and natural materials.

These 5 days-long trainings are suitable for both amateurs and professionals involved in construction and architectural design.

Tezekevleri team is offering 3 week-long training on 3 different topics for people who want to increase their skills in plastering, wood working or floor making. In each training, different techniques will be seen according to the needs. Other training weeks might be opened on other subjects such as tadelakt, ceiling, slip-straw if the demand increases.

Participation to these training weeks is free, however, support for the accommodation (food, water, electricity) is demanded. Every day, interns will be working 6 hours with the team.

For people that are interested by a longer stay and learning better the techniques we are using, volunteering is also proposed. As a volunteer, you will get to learn better on the technique and be more independent to make your own work.

Carpentry/Cabinet Making

During 5 days, you will be working with the Tezekevleri team on building furniture and windows/doors for the Tezekevleri buildings. You will discover how to use a saw, a chisel, a plane, a router… to prepare your wood and make joints. According to the time available, we will also make specific roof carpentry joints and pieces in order to create a resting area on the land.

8-12 April

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Natural Plasters

During 5 days, you will be working with the Tezekevleri team on making exterior and/or interior plaster. The aim will be to renovate the exterior plaster on the existing house and make the interior plaster of the last non finished house. You will discover different techniques of plastering and finishes, using your hand or tools. If needed, you will make sgrafitto, clay paints, tadelakt or burned plasters.

12-16 August

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Earth Floor

During 5 days, you will be working with the Tezekevleri team on making the floor of the last house to finish and/or renovate the floor of the finished houses. The aim is to create beautiful floors either by applying a finish hard layer on it or polishing a rammed earth floor. You will be also experimenting how to make a floor with different techniques according to the needs.

9-13 September

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