Building season started!





The new bathroom’s construction started!
This WE we layed the foundations of Gündönümü’s new bathrooms building. The foundations made of earthbags filled with gravel were fast to work on. Half of those are already complete despite some volunteers using our tools for weird puposes (may-be we are asking too much work from them?) But the homemade fresh ayran helps us a lot every day. So on Sunday evening we were able to start the first layer of walls.





The bags used for the foundation are reused rice bags filled with pea gravels. Between each row we put 2 lines of barbed wire to link the bags. Each row is then tamped to keep the level. Above the 4 rows of foundations we started to build the walls with oignons bags filled with damp earth dug from the site. Thanks to Hakan, Mathile, Mert, Riza, Timur for their help on the construction site and the Gündönümü team for their daily support!

Matthieu and Xavier