Tezekevleri team and its partners act as a consultant on ecological buildings and land planning projects. They involve themselves in the design of the land together with permaculture designers, in the planning of building, in advicing on the rightness of a design for better efficiency, in the choice of materials and in the  site supervision.


To help you build the most suitable project that fit your needs and your environment, Tezekevleri team proposes different type of consultancy:


  • Ecological Design Discovery (for everybody with or without a project) – an introduction to the main features of ecological design
  • Projects Q&A (for self-builders with low budget) – group presentation of projects and general answers to design problem
  • Project consultancy (for self-builders and architects/designers) – personalized advice on your project
  • Technical consultancy (for architects/designers or self-builders with a ready project) – to help you change your project from a conventional building to an ecological building
  • Project design (for everybody who has a project in mind and nobody to realize it) – to design with you and your architect a project that will respect its environment and fit to your need


The consultancy can be organized on the Tezekevleri place so you can benefit of a visit of our infracstructure or our team can answer you by video conference or come to your place for personalized advice.

Ecological Design Discovery

We propose you to discover the meaning of ecological design and how its features can be applied to a building project. Through this hour of consultancy, we will guide you in the world of natural materials and their benefit for your health and for the environment. During this time, you will learn about the meaning and the importance of permaculture, bioclimatism, humidity regulation, thermal insulation, thermal mass, greenhouse effect, holistic design, passive haus, solar passive design, building biology and many other features that can help you in the choice of your design.

For who: self-builders, project holders, architects, engineers, construction companies or anybody interested to develop an activity on ecological construction

When and Where: during the second week of each month in Tezekevleri (with appointment) or on Skype at any other time. A meeting at your place is also possible, then the transportation and accomodation fees will be charged on you.

How much: 100TL (+VAT) per hour

Project Q&A

If you already have a project in mind and need more inspiration to be able to finalize it while avoiding common mistakes, sharing it front of a group of people having the same concern can help to decide on the soundness of your decisions. Because using natural materials for ecological buildings is something new, we propose you to gather together a small group of people that would be interested in getting grounded information on how to place the windows, how to orientate the building, how thick should be the walls, how much insulation is useful…

Each participant will have 30 minutes to present its project and ask its questions and then we will answer generally to all the questions or we will give the resources to find solutions when we don’t have the answers in hand. Through this group process, it will also be possible to build a community that can get the help of each other according to the knowledge of each project’s holder.

For Who: self-builders and project holders

When and Where: every second Sunday of the month with appointment at Tezekevleri

How Much: 200TL (+VAT) per project per session

Project Consultancy

If you already have a project or are working on a project and would like to transform your project into an ecological project, we can help you to adapt your design by providing advice on different important fields:

  • Adaptation to the land and land design (orientation of the building, position of the land, suitable land design and vegetation) according to the climate and your usage of the land and building.
  • Transformation of the building to integrate solar passive building features, thermal comfort regulation, better usage of the natural light, sound protection… according to your way of life and the designed planned.
  • Integration of natural materials (ready to use or to be prepared) in your design according to local resources, aesthetic and building usage.
  • Holistic design and building/land management to take in account rain water harvesting, dirty water cleaning/reusing, waste management, exterior land usage…

We will work together on the project as a team with you making the final decision on your design whereas we only propose you some modification on what could be beneficial in order to design a healthy and ecological building.

For Who: Project holders, Architects/Designers, Self-builders

Where: First meeting at Tezekevleri during the second week of each month (with appointment) or on your land (transportation and accommodation will be charged).

How much: First meeting 100TL (+VAT) per hour and then 250TL (+VAT) per day.

Technical Consultancy

If you already have a good design with ecological features (good taught about, insulation and thermal mass, passive cooling and heating, rain water harvesting, usage of local and natural materials…) and your concern is only to make it happen as you don’t know how to use natural materials or which materials are suitable for it, we will help you in detailing your project to make it real through:

  • Working on the plan to choose and integrate a proper structure
  • Detailing of the structure with a structural engineer (if structural calculations are needed, not included in the price)
  • Drawing of the construction plan and construction details
  • Site visiting to advice you on the material usage and implementation of the details

All this work will allow your building to be build according to the last international knowledge and know-how in order to make a durable and safe building.

For Who: Projects Holders, architects/designers

Where: First meeting at Tezekevleri every second week of the month (with appointment) or at your place (transportation and accommodation will be charged)

How much: First Meeting 500TL (+VAT) and then 250TL (+VAT) per day

Project Design

If you want to build a building in a rural or a urban area and you need advice on how to make it as ecological, natural and energy efficient as possible, we can design it with you. We will help you put your ideas together in order to design a building that fits your needs and will last the time you need to use it.

As consultant, we will propose you a design, usage of materials, organization of rooms… that will suitable to be build.

  • After a first visit on your land and a day of discussion with you and the people that will live in the building, we will propose you a draft that we will transform together into the house that will fits you. Our work is to be together involve in the project as a team so you be aware of what will be your building, how to use it and why such choices have been made.
  • From the draft established together, we will build step by step a design that will belong to you but especially to its environment, using local materials and techniques as well as state of art design methods to build the most energy-efficient building using ecological and if possible natural materials.
  • After the design is made, we will follow all the steps of the construction one by one so we will share the responsibility of its construction with you and the site manager.

For Whom: Project holders, self-builders

Where: 1st meeting every second week of each month in Tezekevleri (with appointement) or at your place (transportation and accomodation fees will be charged)

How Much: First meeting 500TL (+VAT) and then 200TL (+VAT) per square meter of built area and 50TL (+VAT) of designed land (for a 100m² project, can be negotiated according to the size of the project)

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