Interior walls coming up




Our little building is taking shape with its outer walls completed (the last bag was laid by David, our youngest crew member) and the interior walls are on their way. It is just a matter of days before we lift the huge wood structure we have prepared for the roof. The week has been rainy and we had to protect our sensitive earthbag walls not yet plastered. Large sheets of plastic were hanged over the structure making it look like a bedouin tent and not a drop reached into the bags.




Our work is now completely focused on squeezing a mix of liquid clay and straw into moulds to form the interior walls. The result is a warm and beautiful insulative slip-straw surface that will bring the feel of inner spaces into our work. Our team has changed a lot too with people leaving and new ones coming every day or so. Matthieu has left and handed the project to Xavier who is assisted by the hardworking 2 meters tall Onur. Together they can count on volunteers sharing their time between the farm and the building site. The end of next week should come with the decisive moment of the roof construction, stay tuned…

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