Slipstraw workshop



As planned we started the first workshop of the season with 16 motivated participants. It has been 5 days and the house is already standing with some of the walls near completion. The roof will be assembled soon and the interior wall completed to support the mezzanine.





The instructors and volunteers working on the bathroom/toilet building (completed last week) are still here and carry on with their jobs brilliantly.
Everyone has tried their hand at each technique we introduced and we now have a pretty highly skilled crew of builders. As a 4x5m house, this project is meant to be roughly completed within the time of the workshop and although this goal is challenging we are quite confident we can do it, despite heavy rains lately.




From gravel bags foundations to framing and roofing, this workshop is one of the most diverse we organized. With mud bricks making and laying, light loam walls, plastering and a lot of woodwork, participants will surely feel more confident that they can build their own home after they leave.