Tezekevleri is proposing several types of trainings (daily courses, internships, 2-days workshops or 5-days workshops) to help professionals and self-builder to get more knowledge about ecological construction and natural building materials. These workshops can be organized either on our place or on your place and designed according to your needs.

 Tezekevleri is also providing more specialized and personalized services such as consultancy that you can find on the Consultancy page


Single-Day Courses

Single-day courses are focusing on theoretical knowledge and are presentation based to allow the participants to understand better a particular topic. These course are targeting architects and professionals that need a deeper knowledge but are open to anybody who wants to learn. The course calendar is designed to progressively increase the capacity of the participants to design their project throughout the year.

Single-day course will take place once a month at Tezekevleri. Upon demand some course can be repeated and made in another place.


Traineeship allow participants to come and work with the Tezekevleri team during one week, focusing on a particular topic such as earthen floor or carpentry. They are only open to a small number of participants in order to stay focus on the work to be done and to be able to really experiment all the steps and discover tips and tricks of the technique.

Traineeship are targeting self-builders or professional builders that would like to get more know-how on a particular technique. No specific theoretical courses are given during this traineeship as it is designed as an hand-on leraning process.


Workshops are the core of the training in Tezekevleri as they involve knowledge and know-how. Our workshops are designed to integrate everyday theoritical knowledge on the construction techniques that you will be using. Mixing both knowledge and know-how allows a better understanding and better remembering of every aspect of a work.

Different types of workshops are open to respond to the need and availability of participants.

  • Weekend Workshops will focus on a particular technique and on works that can be achieved in few time by few participants.
  • Full week Workshops are designed to give a deep understanding of a specific technique or set of techniques to the participants so they can use it later for their own work.
  • Introduction workshops are happening once a year and are giving during 9 days a full overview of the different natural building techniques.