2018 Workshops

Building with earth, straw, wood and manure

This year again we offer a series of workshops to understand and build ecological houses with local and natural materials.

These week or weekend-long courses are suitable for both amateurs and professionals involved in construction and architectural design.

The use of natural/local materials, combined with passive solar design, is essential to low energy consuming and healthy buildings. These innovative building techniques are based on an understanding of centuries-old traditions in the light of our current knowledge of physics. At Gündönümü farm we have been experimenting with natural materials for the past two years, and share our experience through workshops open to all.

Introduction to Natural Building

These week-long workshops are a great for a first-hand experience, working with materials such as earth, straw and wood. There will be basic carpentry, interior walls building, plastering and flooring. Theory will range from understanding the structure of earth to bioclimatic design.

10 – 17 June  /  1 – 8 July

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Introduction to Woodworking

We offer three weekends (two full days) to learn the basics of woodworking. Together we will build simple furniture with solidwood using various techniques and hand tools. There will be theoretical information provided too.

4 – 6 May  /  11 – 13 May  /  18 – 20 May

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Natural Plasters

With the success of our 2017 Natural Plasters workshop we decided to come together again and provide a complete plastering training, both practical and theoretical. Subjects will range from base coat earthen plasters to waterproof tadelakt lime plasters, which we will apply on actual buildings.

22 – 29 July

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Past Workshops

Have a close look at our previous workshops (2016-2017):